Who Says You Can't Arrest Potentially Violent Subjects And Take Them Into Custody FAST?

If your order is to ARREST a potentially VIOLENT SUSPECT, how do you go about it? What if, impromptu, he ATTACKS? And, there you are, with no time to pull your GUN? Or, in close quarters, there’s not enough SPACE for proper firearm use?
The LAW ENFORCEMENT COMMUNITY benefits extremely from the PRACTICAL knowledge of Self-Defense Systems.
Do you agree?
Well, then, Krav Maga is the BEST OPTION for you. At KMI we train LE OFFICERS approaching Krav Maga on a REAL-WORLD basis to:
  • DISRUPT the attacker’s intentions with a FORCEFUL, SURPRISING COUNTERATTACK, so he cannot execute his plan anymore
  • INCAPACITATE the subject with powerful KICKS and PUNCHES that HURT!
  • SUBJUGATE AND CONTROL aggressors with effective GRAPPLING techniques, and, in most extreme cases, even KNOW how to TERMINATE them with your BARE HANDS

Don't Let Sudden Violence Hold You Back

What makes Krav Maga profoundly practical for the patrol officer? Its technique is extremely EFFECTIVE and EASY to memorize at the same time.
Kinda like a swiss army knife of PROTECTION tools ALWAYS in your pocket - even if you don’t have pockets!
Responsible Krav Maga transforms the LE officer into a SHIELD AGAINST the modern THREATS of real-world situations:
  • ATTACKS IN WORKPLACES: OVERPOWER And CONTROL raging employees immediately so that they can resonate again - without you or other members of the staff being harmed
  • PUBLIC PLACES AND BUILDINGS: In crowded places, Krav Maga gives you the tools to CRUSH violent subjects - even if they hold a KNIFE or Baseball BAT!
  • DOMESTIC VIOLENCE: GRAPPLE AND FIXATE the aggressor on the ground SAFELY so there’s NO NEED to SMASH his face before the eyes of his - already terrorized - wife!