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Do You Sincerely Want To Build Your Kid's Self-Confidence?

What is the best way to strengthen your children’s self-confidence? Common advice is to integrate the child into a sports TEAM. And the truth is that many members of sports teams have good self-confidence.

Here’s why this advice DOESN’T WORK: Getting your child into a sports team can actually be a major DISSERVICE to his self-confidence.

But How?

It’s because the majority of these children already were confident BEFORE entering the team! Playing in a sports team can even SLOW down your child’s development of self-confidence: When they see themselves playing with less courage COMPARED to the other kids - which again comes from low self-confidence, right?

Kids have a proven path on which they COMPETE AGAINST THEMSELVES. They gain self-confidence by MASTERING new moves and reaching new belt levels. But be careful You'll have to buy some new belts for your kid that’s now bursting with confidence!

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