Fort Collins Law Enforcement Classes

Beginner Law Enforcement Classes Enrolling In December

Our mission is to educate law enforcement officers and trainers on defensive tactics, self-defense, hand-to-hand combat and fighting at close quarters when the firearm cannot or must not be used.

If you want to be a well-rounded officer that in the time of need will turn into a determined and aggressive fighter capable of fulfilling the demanding and dangerous tasks at-hand, our training can help you!

You'll gain the mentally, technically, tactically and physical strength and skills to become an effective and efficient fighter.

You will become an officer that can respond correctly, without using excessive force, but with an excellent ability to solve any problem including protecting his fellow officers, or civilians when needed.

At The International Krav-Maga Federation, our highly-trained tactical instructors will gives you a superior level of education and training from knowledge gained around the world. We educate high level, proficient instructors capable of teaching Krav-Maga to different units and task forces with modern law-enforcement orientations.

Law Enforcement Instructors Courses:

Our courses offer different types of units, officers' courses, and instructor's programs. These are not cookie-cutter shelf products, but will be adapted to the needs of each specific unit. With our vast training in Israel and around the world, we know how to combine and analyze the information we gather, regarding different problems, dangers and risks to officers in different environments. This course will bring that expertise to you!

Defensive Tactics, CQB, Fighting Skills & Hand-to-Hand Combat

These BASIC and CUSTOM MADE courses will be specifically designed for all sectors of the police, law-enforcement and security agencies, forces, units, and personnel, including ongoing and in-service programs. We emphasize education and training that builds an integrated fighter/officer who is able to function correctly under stressful conditions with determination, assertiveness (at the desired level), with good self-control, using the most effective techniques and tactics.

Fighters' Courses:

Our Fighter curriculum is designed and built for different sectors: Military; Law-enforcement; Close protection; and Special units. it's a comprehensive course that includes: tests, examinations and achieving defined levels and requirements in CQB, passing obstacle courses, shooting ranges; Kill houses and more. And, prerequisites need to be attained before you can reach a new level (all according to the specific unit and task force that is receiving the education.)

Integrated Training:

Our instructors will conduct a training program based on the specific security or law-enforcement agency, giving you well-integrated Krav Maga training suitable to the program at hand. Krav-Maga courses conducted for the above sectors may be done on the customer's /unit's premises or in our facility. Specific credentials and recommendations are needed in order to participate.


"Thank you for everything. Deputy Baier reported back to me stating that this was one of the best trainings that he has ever attended. Deputy Baier is excited about returning to your facility and continuing his education and assisting you with your future classes. Deputy Baier is also excited to get started with training our Office and making sure everyone has the skills and tools."


Chris Crown

Conejos County Sheriff's Office


"Good afternoon Chet,

I would like to thank you for your hospitality and taking the time out of your week to train me. I had a wonderful time and it was a great experience. All of your staff showed a high degree of professionalism and willingness to help others learn. Once again, I appreciate all that you have done for me and look forward to continued training at your facility."

Deputy Joshua Baier

Conejos County Sheriff's Office



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