Karate For Concentration Summer Camp

Give Your Child A Boost This Summer With The Karate For Concentration Program!

At the Krav Maga Institute, we're proud to offer your child a chance to grow and thrive while school is out of session. Our Karate For Concentration program gives students all across Fort Collins the chance to challenge their bodies and minds and learn outside of the classroom setting for a change. 

This 4-week program is perfect for students ages 4-12. Your child can develop confidence, improve their social skills, and develop lifelong habits of physical activity.

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Kids Martial Arts Fort Collins

What Does The Karate For Concentration Program Include?

Over the course of 4 weeks, we combine aspects of traditional martial arts training, important character development, and exciting hands-on activity to meet the needs of students across our community.

Our goal is to help your child stay engaged throughout the summer months and have fun learning a wide range of new skills.

Karate For Concentration can help students in Fort Collins:

  • Learn the importance of goal setting and achievement
  • Develop incredible self-confidence in everything they do 
  • Establish valuable leadership and teamwork skills
  • Build effective, non-violent conflict resolution strategies

"I never believed my child could be so confident."

- Mrs. Morgan, mother

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Did you know Kids Martial Arts Classes are proven to help students take on an increased sense of responsibility and a decreased willingness to be influenced by peer pressure? 

At the Krav Maga Institute, we teach so much more than just kicks and punches and we're excited to share that with your child. Join us this year for an incredible 4-week Summer Program. No prior experience is required. 

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