Krav Maga: Goals


First, let us take a look at what your goal is...

Ask yourself; be honest, write it down, I can wait…

Now, was your goal to lose X amount of weight or look good in the mirror?

Maybe run a 5k/10k/15k? Or deadlift so much weight the bar will bend? Maybe bench your bodyweight? Test for Expert level?

Now that you have your goal written down, look at it and ask yourself, does this scare you? 

Does it create some anxiety even thinking about it? If it doesn’t then your goal sucks!

Goals are not the end game; your last breath is. Goals are not stepping stones; you can put micro goals together to achieve your main goal. Goals are something you strive for, are willing to wake up at 3/4/5 am to work towards. Goals are something you must sacrifice time for. Sacrifice time with your loved ones, and friends; if they don’t support you, they don’t care about you. 

Now you’re probably asking, “Why should my goals scare me?” 


If you don’t care about it, why are you doing it? I still get a little scared and anxious before every training session because I care about it. If you don’t get that feeling about your goal is it even a goal? Or is just something you put on a sticky note on your bathroom mirror because it sounded cool.

When you set your goals it should be something that at that particular moment you cannot do. If it were something you could do, it wouldn’t be a goal. This goes back to sacrifice. You need to work towards that goal, become better than you are right now, physically, mentally, emotionally.  Set your standards high, make people turn their heads when you tell them what your goals are.

"One Body" 

"One Life"

"Make it Count"

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