Health & Fitness: All Who Are Willing

All Who Are Willing

Without stress and effort, you don’t know how far you can bend, you don’t know where you will break.  You must identify vulnerabilities so you can make them strengths.  It is such in the gym, in business and everyday life. 

Change is neither good or bad, it just is.  Change is inevitable and constant. 

We are going back to our roots, but with new eyes and new ideas.  Life is not the gym, the gym is not life, getting fit for the sake of getting fit isn't what we do.   We train minds, bodies follow.

We will once again challenge conventional thinking.  

We will challenge the minds of those who choose to be part of what we do, we will challenge every physical limit you thought you had, by changing the way your mind looks at limits.

We are not a beacon or a club, we are not an individual or some magical training regimen.  We are a community that subscribes to a common philosophy.  We carry each other into and out of the dark.  

Work hard and add value to the greater community around you.

All who are willing are welcome.

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