Fitness: Pushing Past Your Limits

How does the mind that is imprisoned by preconceived notions, liberate itself? Trapped in our own cycles of conditioning (both mental and physical) we continually balk at our potential and reaffirm our self-imposed limitations. We need new action, guides, and community to unlock the potential that lies dormant within us. First, that we may even perceive the subtle reality of unexplored possibilities. Second, that we transform our new awareness into actualization. 

For this process, even trainers need trainers. Experts need expertise. The teachers need to be taught. Bring your willful mind to someone who can find a crack, and they will pry it open. Expansion is inevitable. To go beyond the limits of the conditioned mind, one has to questioning everything they think they know. To go beyond the perceived limits of performance, one has to physically challenge those. Both happen at Krav Maga Institute, with the accountability and support of a powerful community.

As a holistic lifestyle coach, trainer, and mindfulness facilitator, I am particularly aware of the benefits of the powerful trifecta Krav Maga Institute offers. I eagerly walked through their doors one year ago, ready for something new. Though at the time I didn’t even know what that was. The journey I have embarked on is far from over, and more impactful than I could have imagined. I have overcome. I have softened. I have strengthened. I have new community. I have new ideas. My physical performance has improved inside and outside of the KMI walls. And as is paramount for any worthy endeavor, my overall existence has improved. 

If you think that a kick ass workout, or a mindfulness practice alone has the capacity to yield this kind of result, I would challenge that. Without a guide and a community you are still left to your own devices of self-inflation and manipulation, the limited reactive mind unable to free itself from the stories that halt progress.  

Krav Maga Institute invites you to bring your commitment of both mind and body to this practice. In turn, they will bring you face to face with your wall. You will hit it. And then you’ll go beyond it. You’ll tear it down altogether. Again and again. Until you discover your limits are an illusion. 

Your power for liberation begins here!

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