The "Original" Karate for Kids:Ft.Collins Best Martial Arts Training Program for Kids

Ft.Collins Original “Karate for Kids” Program:


In June of 1994 Master Instructor Chet Barnett introduced a unique Martial Arts training program to the Ft.Collins area called “Karate for Kids”


This was the first Martial Arts program in Ft.Collins to offer separate training for “Children Only” separated by Age & Skill level.

Not just thrown in together with adults!


The focus of this unique program was to help children grow & mature to the best of their abilities! This is why millions of parents worldwide are using Martial Arts training as a great way to supplement their child’s education.


Our Karate for Kids program is based on:

*Lifetime Learning

*Physical Skills & Self Defense

*Goal setting & Achievement

*Self Confidence

*Self Esteem

*Courtesy & Respect




Our staff of certified patient instructors who love to work with children are also very clear about expectations. We require good behavior in classes & expect the same good behavior at home, school and other activities.


Our Love & Logic approach requires kids to accept responsibility for their own decisions, to live with their mistakes and grow thru the consequences.


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