Fitness: Why people skip Training Reason Number 3

Workout Buster Number 3: Lame Excuses

" I couldn't find a good t-shirt" 43yo male, Colorado

One survey found that people blamed everything from their dog to the weather for reasons to skip a workout. C'mon Man! Really?

Solution: Figure out your "WHY"

Excuses are unfortunately So common-everyone's got one!Ther's usually a very simple solution for every excuse out there.

No Time? Try a 10min workout.

No Gym? There are tons of Body Weight workouts.

I Hate Cardio? Get over it...almost everyone hates cardio!

If you're constantly making excuses for skipping workouts you probably don't have a good reason for going to the gym.

Take some time to sit down & figure out exactly what your goals are. Write them down & refer to them every time you're tempted to skip your workout because of something like I couldn't find a good t-shirt!

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