Fitness - Why people skip training? Reason Number 2

Fitness: The number 2 reason why people skip workouts!


It’s to Difficult!

Reason number 2 for why people skip their classes was the difficulty of the training. Martial Arts & High Intensity Interval (HIIT) training topped the list of the type of workouts/classes people skipped because they thought it would be to hard.


Solution: Scale it down for appropriate Age & Fitness levels or find an alternative.

If the workout you’re doing is to hard to finish, you’re either doing it incorrectly or you should find a different workout.

Krav Maga & HIIT workouts can be very challenging depending on your fitness level.

But, they can also give you great results!

You should still be able scale both to your particular level.

If you’re doing a workout that includes burpees, start with a body weight squat instead. Use your heart rate to monitor your effort level for your HIIT workouts rather then trying to keep up with other people in the class that might have more experience.

If you “HATE” the workout you should find something else that suits you better.

There are many great types of workouts and methods out there, so don’t waste your time doing something you don’t like.

Try out different things until you find something you enjoy!


Remember…There is NO FREE LUNCH! Getting and staying fit takes time, effort & consistency.

See you on the Mat!


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