Fitness - Why do Students Skip training? Reason Number 1


What are the common reasons why students skip training?

For a large number of people, exercise is a passion that they make time for everyday.

Getting & staying fit has become a lifestyle, just check the growing number of people attending group fitness as a go to pastime!


Even so, not everyone always looks forward to working hard in the gym.

More often than not a large number of people are very consistent at one aspect of their fitness regimen, being inconsistent with their workouts!


So what are the biggest reasons people skip their workouts?

Several surveys indicate there are a large number of legitimate excuses along with quite a few lame explanations for non attendance.


One of the Main reasons: Confidence

How confident someone feels in the gym was one of the biggest factors of whether they would attend or not. It makes sense since no one likes to feel uncomfortable or inadequate. The question that must be addressed is what would make them feel more confident in their workouts?


What’s the Solution? Get educated

One of the top results for what would make people feel more confident in the gym directly relates to a lack of knowledge about exercises & use of equipment in the gym.


Solution: Get Educated!

Don’t know what that strange piece of equipment in the gym is? Ask one of the trainer’s or Instructors for a quick explanation/demonstration. Don’t feel embarrassed for asking as not everyone is a fitness buff.

Don’t know proper technique? Focus on the basics. You don’t have to do anything fancy to get a great workout in. You just have to start working & being consistent!


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