Krav Maga "Respect the System"

Respect the System:

From a young age, many instructors told me that it's important to always dedicate yourself to being a student of the game. It’s easy to get caught and comfortable in your own routine & ego. It’s even easier to keep practicing what you’re good at over and over again while neglecting some major holes in your training.


A great coach, instructor and student are always required to constantly assess him or herself or the situation so they can apply their knowledge effectively. If you truly want to excel in any given discipline, it’s important to set your ego aside, show up every single day, accept that there will be great days as well as many more bad days, and always, always respect the art by leaving your ego out of your decision making. Be diligent in tracking your progress. Address your weaknesses. Don’t allow your success to get you too high and don’t allow your bad days or failures to get you too down. Take something from each day and add it to your toolbox of knowledge!


Let each day sharpen your blade more and more, so when the time comes, you can cut down the competition and emerge victorious. After all, that’s why we show up and coalesce around Krav Maga Institute: to sharpen each other via an elite attitude that’s of a higher order. When that happens month after month, year after year, you breed winners and champions. But it all starts with humility, respect for the craft, and showing up even when everyone else makes the bullshit excuses. Always remain a student of the game and pull each other up. If we all do this consistently, we cannot lose. That’s not to say there won’t be tough or challenging days. But the end result will be success 100% of the time.

"Sometimes a Teacher Always a Student"


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