What is Krav Maga for Kidz?

What is Krav Maga for Kidz?

Here at Krav Maga Institute we have developed a unique blend of Traditional Martial Arts & Personal Safety training for children called Krav Maga Kidz.

In addition to physical skills, the Krav Maga Kidz system incorporates Lifelong Learning & Character Development.

Krav Maga is Great for Children:

Parent's enroll their children in our program for a variety of reasons but there is one common goal that stands out;to help their children grow & mature to the best of their abilities!

Krav Maga Kidz Teaches Children Discipline & Responsibility:

Our staff of specially certified "patient" instructors who's passion is working with children. We require good behavior in class & expect the same good behavior at home and in school. Our "Love & Logic" approach requires kids to accept responsibility for their decisions, to learn from their mistakes and to grow thru the consequences!

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