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  •  in Fort Collins - Krav Maga Institute  - Growth & Change: Fort Collins Best Self Defense Training!

    Growth & Change: Fort Collins Best Self Defense Training!

    " Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement and success have no meaning" -Benjamin Franklin Growth is a necessary step in the road towards self improvement. It isn't always easy! Taking the easy road seldom leads to the positive growth we seek. In fact it is quite the opposite! Our biggest fears bring with them the greatest opportunity for personal growth and evolution. The greater the struggle we face the greater the growth and improvement we achieve. Hard work and dedication are the road to success! Are you willing? ....

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  • Fitness: Why people skip Training Reason Number 3

    Workout Buster Number 3: Lame Excuses " I couldn't find a good t-shirt" 43yo male, Colorado One survey found that people blamed everything from their dog to the weather for reasons to skip a workout. C'mon Man! Really? Solution: Figure out your "WHY" Excuses are unfortunately So common-everyone's got one!Ther's usually a very simple solution for every excuse out there. No Time? Try a 10min workout. No Gym? There are tons of Body Weight workouts. I Hate Cardio? Get over it...almost everyone hates cardio! If you're constantly making excuses for skipping workouts you probably don't have a good reason for going to the gym. Take some time to sit down & figure out exactly what your ....

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  • Fitness - Why people skip training? Reason Number 2

    The number 2 reason why people skip workouts! It’s to Difficult!
    Reason number 2 for why people skip their classes was the difficulty of the training. Martial Arts & High Intensity Interval (HIIT) training topped the list of the type of workouts/classes people skipped because they thought it would be to hard. Solution:
    Scale it down for appropriate Age & Fitness levels or find an alternative. If the workout you’re doing is to hard to finish, you’re either doing it incorrectly or you should find a different workout. Krav Maga & HIIT workouts can be very challenging depending on your fitness level. But, they can also give you great results! ....

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  • Fitness - Why do Students Skip training? Reason Number 1

    What are the common reasons why students skip training?
    For a large number of people, exercise is a passion that they make time for everyday. Getting & staying fit has become a lifestyle, just check the growing number of people attending group fitness as a go to pastime! Even so, not everyone always looks forward to working hard in the gym. More often than not a large number of people are very consistent at one aspect of their fitness regimen, being inconsistent with their workouts! So what are the biggest reasons people skip their workouts?
    Several surveys indicate there are a large number of legitimate excuses along with quite a few lame explanations for non ....

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  • Krav Maga "Respect the System"

    Respect the System: From a young age, many instructors told me that it's important to always dedicate yourself to being a student of the game. It’s easy to get caught and comfortable in your own routine & ego. It’s even easier to keep practicing what you’re good at over and over again while neglecting some major holes in your training. A great coach, instructor and student are always required to constantly assess him or herself or the situation so they can apply their knowledge effectively. If you truly want to excel in any given discipline, it’s important to set your ego aside, show up every single day, accept that there will be great days as well as ....

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  • Krav Maga " Do You Want to be Mediocre"

    Do you want to be mediocre?
    Do you want to coast through life without fulfilling the potential that lives within you? Do you really want to wake up one day and realize that all of the dreams you had have passed you by?
    Hell no.
    Nobody wants that.
    No one has ever woke up and said I just want to be mediocre.
    Each one of us has dreams , passions and things we want to accomplish.
    Maybe it’s a better job, maybe it’s to be more fit, or maybe it’s to have a better relationship with our children or our spouse.
    Either way there’s something out there I know that you want.
    The question is how bad do you want it and what are you willing to do to ....

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  • What is Krav Maga for Kidz?

    What is Krav Maga for Kidz?
    Here at Krav Maga Institute we have developed a unique blend of Traditional Martial Arts & Personal Safety training for children called Krav Maga Kidz. In addition to physical skills, the Krav Maga Kidz system incorporates Lifelong Learning & Character Development. Krav Maga is Great for Children:
    Parent's enroll their children in our program for a variety of reasons but there is one common goal that stands out;to help their children grow & mature to the best of their abilities! Krav Maga Kidz Teaches Children Discipline &
    Our staff of specially certified "patient" instructors who's passion is working with children. We ....

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  • Krav Maga " Talk Minus Action Equals Zero"

    Talk minus action equals zero.
    You can say whatever you want, post whatever you want on Instagram, give people advice, and run your mouth but unless you’re actually living what you preach it means nothing.
    It’s easy to say the right thing but doing the right thing is another story.
    If you’re not willing to back up the words that come out of your mouth then It’s best to just shut it.
    Always let your actions speak louder than your words!

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  • Krav Maga Institute "The Future"

    “ The future's here right now , if you're willing to pay the cost” – The MC5 No one cares what you have done, if what you are doing is no longer relevant. We honor our past as the starting point, a reference for where we came from and the path we took. But it is only the past, it is gone, and no longer serves our future. The last two years have seen incredible changes at Krav Maga Institute. We don’t care what you did, we care what you do! We are moving forward f ocused on making ourselves and our community better, stronger and more prepared for what may lie ahead. We can only shape our future by our actions of today. Ruthless self-assessment; ....

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