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Krav Maga Self Defense

Fort Collins Krav Maga Self Defense

Real world self defense! No Rules! No Gimmicks! - Krav Maga Self Defense was originally designed for military and law enforcement.

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Kids Martial Arts

Fort Collins Kids Martial Arts

Our Karate Kids class combines a mixture of traditional martial arts and defensive Krav Maga into an electrifying curriculum that makes kids feel strong, reassured and confident.

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Izdan Security Academy

Fort Collins Izdan Security Academy

Izdan Security Academy is an international, non-governmental organization that works Israeli elite military units, designed for tactical specialization with Shooting courses, Tactical Krav Maga and Events/Courses.

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Get Fit and Go Home Safe! Learn Real Krav Maga Self Defense!

Latest News & Updates

Power Weight Ratio Clinic
Shawn Kingsley Lecturing on Power/Weight Ratio

Shawn Demonstrating KB Goblet Squat

Gym Jone Power/Weight Ratio Clinic Group

Drew Gross Dead Lifting 455lbs During the Power/Weight Ratio Clinic!
Instructor Development Program

Instructor Development Program In Fort Collins & Denver!

IDP: Instructor Development Program

What is the IDP?

The IDP is an ongoing program focused on developing and refining the skills of Krav Maga


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